A Busy Fashion Designer’s Trick for Squeezing in Her Workouts

Ann Mashburn is all about the 80/20

By Tatiana Boncompagni


If you haven’t heard about Ann Mashburn you will soon. The brand—named after its founder, a mom of five and veteran designer—has shops in four cities and a killer website full of Ann’s own designs and items from other brands she loves. The first concept store opened in Atlanta, where Ann Mashburn and her husband, Sid, are still based. Sid, meanwhile, runs his own burgeoning menswear empire, and together the duo own and operate the Sid and Ann Mashburn Co.


We love Ann’s tomboy twists on the classics: Think clean-lined leather sandals and a perfectly cut soft knit jacket, the ultimate version of a go-with-everything navy blazer. (Find the collection online at But most of all we love Ann’s approach to health and wellness, which is as laid-back and on-point as her designs. Read our interview with the inspiring entrepreneur and see if you don’t come away feeling a little more motivated to make time (no matter if it’s just 20 minutes a day) to get in a workout.


What items are in your gym bag and why do you love these items? What bag do you use and why?


I run in an old Adidas tennis skirt and a tank top over a sports bra when it’s warm. I am a tried-and-true Adidas girl. When it is cold, I love black leggings and a fuzzy hand-me-down Patagonia fleece from one of my friend’s teenage sons. I throw all of my workout stuff in a basket in my closet, so I don’t even use a gym bag!



How often do you work out? When do you work out?  

I try to squeeze in a run about 5 days a week…after the school drop-off and before I race into work. It’s a short workout.


How do you stay motivated?


I need a low barrier to entry – to just put on shoes and run has been key for me since I started running in the 70s. If I have to hop in car to go to a class, forget it, it doesn’t happen.  But now that I think about it, my dog is a motivator.  She follows me around all morning waiting and looking at me with sad eyes.


What do you do to stay in shape and why do you do what you do? What do you love about it?  


I run with the dog – just a quick 2-3 miles.  I should stretch more but I am usually in a hurry and lazy that way.  I have just recently become a Peloton bike user. It is a bit of an investment but so fantastic I can’t tell you. My fave “coach” is Alex Toussaint. He shouts at you in the best way possible. I pant and exhale so loudly that my children ask me if that is what I sounded like when I was in labor with them.

What’s your overall approach to fitness, health and wellness?


Inches make champions.  A little bit and more often is better than killing yourself once a week. I tell myself that I can always squeeze in 20 minutes – which usually turns into 30 – even better. I am a real “good-enough” girl. 80/20 is enough for me.



Make the most of this relationship.