A Top Model on Finding Balance Between Healthy and Happy


By Tatiana Hoover

Anne-Sophie Monrad, @annimonrad
Anne-Sophie Monrad, @annimonrad

We put model Anne-Sophie Monrad (you may recognize her from the Chanel Chance fragrance campaign) on the spot and fired ten questions at her with no time to think before she answered. What she said revealed that she’s found a healthy balance between working hard in the gym and on her career and indulging herself with the occasional night on the town with friends and downtime in her native Germany with family and her beloved dog.




Here’s what she said:

1. Workout song that gets you going: Point Black by Ben Klock

2. Favorite workout: Leg Day 😎

3. Favorite healthy meal: Sashimi

4. Next treat meal: Fresh baked bread with salty butter and cheese

6. Thing you miss most about home: My crazy family and dog

7. Your first big job: Chanel Chance Campaign

8. Where would we find you on a Saturday night in NYC?: In bed alone 😂  or Mercer Kitchen at the bar

9. Last restaurant you went to: BondSt

10. If you weren’t a model what would you be doing?: Always wanted to become an airline stewardess because I thought they were chic. Now I’d like to own my own cafe with good strong coffee!


Make the most of this relationship.