Ask Heather

The Model Trainer answers questions about protein and cardio

By Heather Marr


Do you have a question about fitness or nutrition? Post your questions to our Instagram account or on our Facebook page and Heather may choose your question to answer in her regular Q&A column. In today’s column she answers questions from our followers about protein shakes and the importance of cardio (even if you loathe the treadmill…)


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Q: How much whey protein should I be consuming? I only drink protein shakes after my workouts. Should I be having it more often?

A:Whey isolate is a faster digesting protein and great for post workout.  Depending on the brand you purchase you will have 1-2 scoops generally at this time. The rest of the day ideally you will get your protein from real food that you have prepped yourself (chicken breast, egg whites, fish etc.) This can be especially important when someone is trying to bring down body fat or reduce their size. When you have a scoop of whey protein it is meant to be fast digesting. It’s a liquid and it’s not very filling. If you eat a chicken breast, for example, you will digest it more slowly and feel satisfied as it is a solid food and more filling. This is going to make fat loss and weight loss a much more comfortable process.


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Q: Is cardio necessary? I try to do 15 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical but it’s horrible!

A: Cardio has many health benefits and is part of a well rounded fitness plan. The important thing is to find options that you enjoy so that you stick with them. There are many ways to get your cardio in outside of the gym. If you don’t enjoy running on a treadmill you may love running outdoors. You can sign up to play on a sports team (soccer really gets the heart pumping!) that gets together a few times per week. You can make weekly dates with a friend to play tennis or squash. Try a cardio dance class or sign up for spin. Think outside the box and don’t get discouraged. Part of the fun will be discovering new hobbies and interests. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to enjoy what you’re doing to make this a permanent lifestyle change.


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