Ask Heather

Model Trainer Marr talks barbells vs dumbbells and debunks a myth about muscle turning into fat.

By Heather Marr

In this second installment of her regular q & a column, model trainer Heather Marr answers questions from our Facebook page and website. If you are following The Model Trainer Method and have a question for Heather, leave it on our Instagram or Facebook pages or send it to us via the contact form on this site.

Q: I purchased the model trainer method and was wondering if barbell squats and deadlifts can be incorporated in place of the goblet squat and dumbbell deadlifts or do you avoid barbell exercises for a specific reason?

A: YES!! Barbell squats and barbell deadlifts can definitely be subbed in the program in place of the dumbbells. When we designed the programs we wanted an at home option for people that was realistic with space and price in mind, which is why we did the exercises with dumbbells. If you have a gym membership and are doing your leg work there take advantage of the equipment!


Q: If I stop working out will my muscle turn to fat?


A: No. This is a concern many women have about beginning a weightlifting program. They think if they cannot continue with the program permanently that the muscle they put on will turn to fat. That’s not the case. Muscle cannot turn into fat just as an orange cannot turn into an apple. What would actually happen is the muscle would get smaller because when you don’t use muscle you lose muscle. If a person did not adjust their diet when changing their training program like this they would gain body fat from eating more than their body now needs but muscle cannot turn to fat.

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