Ask The Model Trainer

Heather Marr answers questions about hydration and Monday-to-Friday dieting

By Heather Marr

For this week’s column, Heather responded to questions about how much water you should be drinking and whether you can still see results if you go “off-Formula” on weekends. Keep your questions coming on Tone and Style’s Facebook page and Instagram feed. Also keep us posted on your progress on the model trainer method. We love hearing about your progress. Click here to check out our Facebook page.

Q: How much water should I be drinking?


A: This is by far one of the most frequently asked questions. How much water you need to drink depends on many factors including your diet and activity level. Here are a couple rules of thumb to follow: One, by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated; and two, your urine should be a pale yellowish color. 


You can also calculate your sweat rate if you’re curious. Calculating your sweat rate can help you prevent any problems related to dehydration or over hydration. Sweat rate tells you how much fluid you should be consuming to replace lost fluid during activity.

Sweat rate = (A➕B)➗C

A = pre-exercise body weight minus post-exercise body weight (in ounces)

B = fluid consumed during exercise (in ounces)
C = time exercising (in hours)


Q: I’ve made positive changes to my lifestyle since the new year. I find sticking to a healthy diet during the week easy but once the weekend rolls around I seem to eat junk food with my friends from Friday night to Monday morning. It’s really slowing my progress. Do you have any suggestions on how I can stop doing this?


A: In order to be successful in losing and maintaining weight loss you need to adopt a new lifestyle. Working hard Monday through Friday only to undermine your progress on the weekend by eating junk food and skipping workouts is going to slow or halt your progress and make you feel discouraged.


Try swapping activities that support your goals in place of ones that derail them. For example, instead of eating in a restaurant with friends, invite them over and cook a healthy, delicious meal. Or, instead of going for cocktails, go for coffee. Instead of doing boozy brunch, meet with friends and try an exercise class. 


Your social life does not need to suffer. You will discover new healthy hobbies and interests and find a healthier balance for your weekends. Talk to your friends/partner and let them know how you’re feeling and you will see that the people in your life who support you will be encouraging and want to help you meet your goals. You will, conversely, be a positive influence of their life and lifestyle.

Make the most of this relationship.