Can a crystal change your life?

Devi Brown of Karma Bliss makes the case for quartz (and other magical rocks).

By Tatiana Boncompagni

Okay, so it might sound a bit (okay, a lot!) new agey, but crystal therapy—the belief that crystals hold energy and can have an impact on your body and mood—is becoming more mainstream. Some tie the trend to the assimilation of yoga, meditation and mindfulness into Western culture, but you can also trace its rise alongside shamanism, which often incorporates crystals into its healing practices.


Devi Brown, founder of Karma Bliss, @devibrown
Devi Brown, founder of Karma Bliss, @devibrown


Devi Brown, a 10-year music industry vet, is helping to popularize crystal therapy (as well as meditation, journaling and vision boarding) through her wellness lifestyle brand, Karma Bliss. Brown, who is currently the music director at iHeartMedia’s Houston station 93.7 The Beat, started the company, which gives people tips and tools to help start their journey of self-discovery via crystals, journals and vision boards, has emerged as one of the new faces of the new age movement. She may not look like your traditional spiritual guru, but that’s kind of the point. Here, she tells us what crystals mean to her, which ones we all ought to be carrying around to bring more love and happiness into our lives and how to construct a vision board that’s more than a collage of pretty magazine pics.

Crystals are suddenly super hot. Can you explain why people are so into them?


Crystals are powerful conduits of energy. Having been around for Millions (and some billions of years), they carry the energy of the earth and I believe God within them. Keeping them around you can enhance your spiritual practices, protect you from negative energy and can lead you closer to the intentions you are setting for yourself. 

How did you personally discover that?


When I was a young girl I was very into collecting rocks and small tumbled stones I would find. I didn’t really know why except that I though they were cool and I kept a couple drawstring bags filled with them in my room.  My mid-twenties is when I kind of rediscovered my love affair with them after a friend gifted me with a citrine pendant. While wearing that pendant during a tough time I started noticing the shifts in my energy. From there I started researching them, collecting them and doing manifestation exercises with them.

How do you decide which crystals you need in your life at a given moment?


I really play this ear. I try to stay plugged into myself in all moments. Usually every month or so I’ll sit and feel my energy and evaluate my personal and professional goals and see if the crystals I carry around with me still fit into that and make changes accordingly. 

What are the five crystals every woman should own and what do they do for you? (I carry with me in a bag five crystals: himalayan quartz, tigers eye, red adventurine, citrine and sometimes rose quartz.) 


I always keep obsidian or black tourmaline with me because they are great at warding off negative energy and people. A piece of citrine, also known as the “stone of success” also is a constant. Moonstone is great for intuition and self discovery (plus its said to help regulate menstrual cycles), Rose Quartz is connected to the heart chakra and is know as the “Love Stone” and Labradorite is powerful stone for strength and protection.

Let’s talk about making a vision board. How do you do it? Walk me through the steps of creating one and then making sure that positive imagery really takes root and helps them clarify the path to success.


I think all Vision Board sessions should start with a 30 minute meditation to lend to you a feeling of peace, clarity and focus. Instead of just cutting out a ton of pictures and clippings and posting up everything that looks pretty and powerful, really sit with each thing you want to pin up and:

  1. See if it fully fits into your vision in a non ego way
  2. Envision it unfolding in your life

Also I am a huge fan of writing in note cards specific things I want to happen in my personal and profession life and then pinning those cards to my board. The more specific you are with uncovering your desires, the more the universe can work on your behalf.



To learn more about Devi Brown, crystals and vision boarding, go to her website, Karma Bliss.


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