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Moon Ceremonies are all the rage. Here’s why.

Harness the energy of the moon to get more of what you want out of life

By Tatiana Boncompagni


I first met Alyson Charles, aka the Rockstar Shaman, about a year and a half ago. Through a publicist friend, I went to her for a “chakra cleanse,” which was basically a guided meditation. During the ritual, Alyson played music, used rattles and burned something called palo santo (pieces of wood from the Amazon that are believed to clear the air of negative spirits). She invited me to envision all my chakras becoming shiny and new again (in my mind, they looked like juicy, vibrant gem stones by the time we were done cleansing and clearing them).


Near the end of the ceremony, she asked me to envision the goddess version of myself. What did she look like? Where was she? What was she doing? I had a very very clear vision in my head of a woman who was happy and confident. That’s when I realized that I was not those things and had to make some big changes in my life.


Thanks to Alyson, I became interested in cultivating my spiritual life. I started reading more about chakras and the healing power of crystals, and thinking more expansively about the energy I was putting out in the world.


One of the things I’ve been hearing more and more about are full and new moon ceremonies, so in our first video together for Tone & Style, I asked Alyson to explain to me (and you guys) how to harness the power of these evenings to bring more love, luck, health, friendship, success—whatever it is you want—into our lives.


As luck would have it, this FRIDAY is a Full Moon Eclipse, and the first eclipse of 2017, which Alyson says makes it incredibly powerful. “Full Moons are about the releasing – releasing of the old, anything limiting, no longer serving your highest, greatest good – but the eclipses ADD to that already huge full moon power and they can really bring forth harder aspects of ourselves that are necessary for us to see to GROW,” she says. “So this event will help you align with nature and help you ride these waves of change and growth with the greatest peace and power possible. Because as we know…. growth can be painful but we must lean into it to understand how gifted we are and there are practices and support that we can draw upon (like my event) to help us ride the waves.”


If you live in New York, you can meet Alyson in person at her next event this Thursday, Feb 9, 7-9 pm at The William Vale — THINX and The William Vale Present: Awaken + Activate with Rockstar Shaman. Find out more info on Alyson’s website: or buy tickets ($20) to the event:

Follow Alyson on Instagram: @rockstarshaman

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