Tone & Style’s Self-Love Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day gift guides are usually stacked with the obvious—chocolates, lingerie, champagne—we’ve all been there and done that. Whether you are happily single or blissfully attached this year, consider using the day to honor and celebrate the person who takes care of you, day in day out. (That’s you, of course!) This isn’t about treating yourself to something ridiculously expensive or super indulgent, but about gifting yourself an item (or two) that helps you cultivate a greater appreciation of your marvelous self. From leggings emblazoned with your very own initials to a journal for writing down all your big dreams (and all the steps you’re taking to make them a reality), we hope these ideas will get you thinking about what you really want, what you really need, and how truly amazing you really are.


Monogrammed Leggings

These heather grey leggings come from a new activewear collection from Style Reform. The fabric is so comfy and soft and helps lift and smooth in all the right places, but the kicker is the ability to customize your monogram. I chose the heather carbon fabric with gold monogramming. They are pretty enough to wear running around town and functional enough to go crush a workout in them, plus the monogram gives you a bit of a ego boost. ($60,



A Crystal Crown

Crystals are having a moment. Shamans and practitioners of Eastern medicine believe many have healing properties and can bring more love and abundance or clarity in your life. I turned to Emily Rayow of Sea Ox Designs to create a necklace that incorporates all the crystals my two spiritual healers “prescribed” for me. The result was a piece that makes me feel like Khaleesi from Game of Thrones when I wear it. Now I’m coveting one of her crystal crowns, which, if you ask me, may be the ultimate way of recognizing and celebrating your inner goddess. ($129,


Classic Cotton Pajamas

Elevate your downtime with pajamas that are as comfortable as they are chic. This pair of long-sleeve pjs from Ann Mashburn nails the details: pale pink piping, roomy pockets and super-soft, premium quality cotton. The price is high, but the classic cut and high-quality make this sleepwear worth the investment—and make you that much more likely to get in adequate zzz’s. ($195,




The Pretty Journal

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help clarify what your problems are and how you really feel about aspects of your life that might be causing anxiety or feelings of helplessness in your life. Having a pretty notebook makes the experience all the more pleasurable and special—plus it will look pretty on your bedside table or desk. ($12,




Some Support, Right Where You Need It

Who doesn’t want to feel more supported—at work, at home, everywhere. We live such busy lives, with so many demands placed on us each day; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and undersupported by the people around us. There are a few things you can do to feel like you have the help and encouragement you need to be your best. One, ask for it. Two, stop expecting it to come from people who just aren’t going to give it to you. And three, give yourself the support you need. This lumbar pillow from The Citizenry, made by a fair trade cooperative of 14 Zapotec women who live and work in Oaxaca, is what we’re dreaming of for our bed to provide a little back support while we’re reading, Netflixing or just resting.  ($195,

A (Heavenly Scented) Hair Mask

We’re not sure what we love most about the Masque Fleurs de Jasmin from Leonor Greyl: the packaging or how soft it makes our hair feel. The intensive treatment is rich in amino acids, proteins and botanical oils to hydrate strands without weighing them down. After shampooing and towel-drying hair, apply and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. You might think of using those minutes to journal or meditate, but either way, this is basically a good-hair-day in a jar, and we all know it’s just that much easier to think positive when our tresses are cooperating. ($65,



A Workout Tank that Makes You Feel like a Badass

We’re loving the looks from Titika, an activewear company that recently came across our radar. The cuts are flattering and fabrics high-performance. The Blakeli Cropped Training Tank shows off your toned shoulders and abs, and has an unexpected lace detail at the back. ($58,