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Please keep posting your questions on our Facebook or emailing them to us via our contact page or email: We love hearing from you and finding out what’s on your mind. In this week’s column,  answers to your questions about why you might not be seeing any weight loss (we’ve all been there!) and what to do about stinky workout clothes (ditto, unfortunately!).


Q: A few months ago I made a commitment to eating clean and replacing junk food with healthier options. I had hoped that with these changes I would have lost weight but I haven’t. I don’t have any medical issues so I’m not sure why I haven’t been seeing results. What am I doing wrong?


A: I’m going to assume when answering that your food choices are infant clean and not just foods that are marketed that way. For weight loss to occur how much we eat is just as important as what we eat. People often think if they are eating healthy food they can still overeat and drop size but that’s not the case. In order for you to lose weight there has to be a deficit. There is absolutely no way around this.  I recommend giving yourself a reality check with portion sizes. Use measuring cups and measuring spoons (or a digital food scale if you own one) and track for a few days what you’re actually putting into your body. You might think you’re adding 1/2 a tbsp of olive oil for example, when you’re using  2 tablespoons, you might think you’re eating 1/2 cup of quinoa when you’re really having a whole cup etc.


Q: I’ve been spinning regularly for the past six months and love how I look and feel. The problem is my workout clothes really smell even when I put them through the wash a few times. It’s been getting expensive having to replace them so frequently. Is there a way to get the smell out?


Hex Performance Power Detergent
Hex Performance Power Detergent

A: There are a few inexpensive tricks you can try. Often the problem actually starts before you even wash your clothes. People finish their workout and leave their sweaty clothes in a pile. That’s the last thing you want to do. If you can’t wash them right away you can hang them up until they are dry. Soaking your workout wear before you do laundry in white vinegar mixed with cold water can work miracles too. Some fitness people even add a bit directly to the wash. Baking soda is another popular choice to add in with your load of laundry. Finally, some companies do make detergent specifically for this. (Tatiana likes Hex Performance Power, which is available on Amazon.) Depending how much you’re sweating you might want to use some of the tricks I mentioned in addition to a special detergent.