We Tried A Superstar Fashion Blogger’s Favorite Workout

Based in Dallas, Texas, Craig, a devoted mom, spends plenty of time on the road. Staying healthy and fit is a priority (if for no other reason than to be able to fit into all those designer samples) and Craig has over the years tried a lot of different workouts. What she feels works best for her now, however, is the Barre method (which was originally developed by a dancer named Lotte Berk and is based on exercises performed by ballerinas).


Trust us: This is harder than it looks.
Trust us: This is harder than Tina Craig (@bagsnob) makes it look.

Specifically, Craig is a fan of the mix of thigh and ab toning work she does at Pure Barre, which has over 400 locations across the U.S. (making it easy for Craig to keep up with her classes at home in Texas or while she’s traveling in the States for work) and counts Julianne Hough, Anna Kendrick and Abigail Breslin as fans. “Pure Barre is by far the hardest work out I’ve ever done and with the quickest results. I also love that it’s really fast paced, the routines change daily so you’re constantly being challenged,” says Craig. Each class lasts 55 minutes and starts with a warm up in the middle of the floor. Using light weights and high reps, you work the arms before moving to the barre to work the legs and finally back to the center of the room for core work and warm down. Craig’s favorite part? “The butt lifting exercises! My booty has never looked better,” she says.




We want one! Tina Craig's Lustworthy Anya Hindmarch backpack
We want one! Tina Craig’s lustworthy Anya Hindmarch backpack @anyahindmarch

We caught up with Craig, who tries to work out five days a week, on a Saturday morning while she was in New York to take a Pure Barre workout and see what she uses as a gym bag (answer? an Anya Hindemarch backpack) and wears to class. “I don’t really care about brands when it comes to work out gear. I went through a period of obsessing over a certain brand but it became an expensive habit,” she says. “Now I grab whatever looks comfortable from my arsenal of work out clothes.”





We were totally impressed with Craig’s flexibility (she can do the x splits!) and ability to look poised even while getting in her ab work. Before she popped into a cab heading back to the mayhem of fashion week, she shared one more trick she uses to keep her figure in check: “I eat when I’m hungry, which unfortunately is all the time. If I’m trying to drop weight, I keep whole gran organic rice cakes everywhere to snack on so I don’t reach for sugarysnacks,” she says.



Tina Craig and the author at Pure Barre
Tina Craig & Tatiana at Pure Barre @pure_barre