Welcome to Tone & Style: Your New (Stylish!) Destination for Discovering Healthy Recipes, Fitness Tips, Active Wear Trends and More.

We’re so excited you stopped by and want to tell you a little bit more about who we are and why we created Tone and Style and The Model Trainer Method.

I’m Tatiana, Tone and Style’s cofounder and Editor-in-Chief. I’m a former newspaper and magazine writer, mom of three, home cook, runner, and yoga enthusiast. I created Tone and Style with Heather Marr—my game changing, body-transforming trainer and friend—because I felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there about health and wellness. Even
 as an editor working for a women’s fitness magazine, I felt confused and frustrated by the conflicting advice I was encountering: Every day there seemed to be a new study condemning a food product or championing one kind of exercise over another.

What I wanted was someone to cut through all the hail-kale, avocado-a-day trendy workout noise and tell
 me how to eat and what do in the gym to get the results I wanted. Heather did that for me. And together we want to do that for you. And since Heather and I both have worked in various parts of the fashion industry (I was a fashion writer; she was a model and now trains models) we definitely wanted to throw in some fashion and beauty news because, hey, that’s what we love to talk about when we’re not swapping recipe ideas or motivating each other for our workouts.

In addition to Tone and Style, Heather and I created The Model Trainer Method, an e-book download available for purchase on this website. It contains advice, a nutritional plan, collection of recipes and four weeks of workouts. We like to think of it as a blueprint—everything you need to know in one easy-to-use guide—to accessing your best body.

But like you, health and wellness is extremely important to us, not just because we care about how we look—which we do (sorry, not sorry!)—but because we need the energy, physical and mental, to get through our marathon days. We also believe that when a woman takes control of her fitness and wellbeing, it helps her feel more confident, capable and empowered. And that’s what this site really is about: Empowering you! Not just so you can lift heavier weights or run faster than you ever thought possible, but so that you are equipped with the “core” strength you need to achieve all of your goals, whatever they may be.  There is a goddess, an athlete and a supermodel in all of us—and we all deserve to feel that good, every day.

Heather and I are so excited to be starting this journey with you. And, yep, when it comes to this whole website editorial thing, we’re beginners, just like some of you may be with your workouts. This website, actually, is a lot like our bodies: It’s a work in progress. We need your help to make it better. Let us know what you want more of and what you want less of. We’re here. We’re listening. We’re going to do this together!

Your editors,

Tatiana and Heather

Make the most of this relationship.